Q: Why sad songs about snowflakes? 
A: Being sentient is hard, true connection is wobbly, snowflakes melt long before 98.6 degrees. And yet, I do not deny that I like imagining that crystals are condensed bits of what we do and say and see. And the heat of liking has something to do with the formation of snowflakes, who can't exist without real time spent in the cold. It's a sad, funny cycle, and I'm not alone in appreciating the pleasure of sad songs and the sadness of snowflakes.

Q: Your last body of work was about a female artificial intelligence trying to fill in the gaps in her imaginary love life. Is the project with the artificial intelligence complete?
A: There’s so much more work to be done. We’re still working out our alphabet in the snowflake communication. We're trying to find a way to play together. In these paintings, we're packing up snow from both worlds into beanbag-snowballs. 

Q: Paintings aren’t beanbag-snowballs.
A: Collaboration is odd. Some of these are messages, like cheer up! reminders. Others include research into alchemy, friendship, orders of operation, and more expedition notes. Sometimes we fit celestial phenomena into the convenient size for a studio apartment because as my computer and I like to joke, "friendship doesn't come with a manual."

Q: What?
A: Did you see the photos of children reading to shelter cats, to soothe them? I mean, we can only keep trying.

SC, 20 March, 2014